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Product Overview:
Introducing our U-Back Bouclé Lounge Chair, a modern masterpiece of comfort and style designed to elevate any living space. With its distinctive U-shaped curved back and generously padded, circular armrests, this chair offers an inviting embrace of luxury. Upholstered in soft, flexible foam, the circular design not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but ensures superior comfort. The chair’s contemporary elegance is further enhanced by its selection of bouclé fabric as the primary material. Bouclé, known for its unique texture of looped yarns, provides a soft, sophisticated touch, adding depth and complexity to the design. This textured finish transforms the chair from a mere seating solution to a detailed work of art, featuring intricate details and a unique tactile experience. Beyond its beauty, the durability and sustainability of bouclé fabric ensure the chair’s longevity, capable of withstanding daily use and maintaining its grace over time. This piece promises to add a touch of refined elegance to any customer’s living room, combining contemporary design with high-quality materials.

Product Features:

Type of Furniture: Living Room Furniture.

Specially designed for living rooms, it complements the overall decor and provides comfortable seating for extended periods.

Integrated armrests offer arm comfort and allow for a more relaxed sitting posture, enhancing the luxurious seating experience.
Curved Back:

The U-shaped curved back provides excellent back and spinal support, reducing stress and pain during long sitting periods.
Style: Modern Minimalist.

A contemporary and simple design that fits most home decor styles, adding an elegant and modern touch to the room.
Specific Use: Living Room Chair.

Specifically designed as a key piece for the living room, making it an ideal choice for entertaining guests or relaxing.
Upholstery: Flexible and Soft Foam.

High-quality foam padding offers comfortable body support, adapting to the body’s shape.
Arm Width and Padding:

Wide and padded arms provide ample space for comfortable arm placement, making sitting more relaxing.
Dimensions: Length 85 cm, Width 85 cm, Height 80 cm.

Ideal dimensions accommodate users of different sizes, ensuring comfortable seating for all.
Material Used:
This distinctive chair is crafted from Bouclé fabric, a high-quality, durable material renowned for its resistance and longevity. Bouclé’s unique properties combine beauty with practicality, offering resistance to wear and requiring minimal maintenance. However, to preserve the quality of Bouclé and extend the furniture’s life, proper care methods should be followed. The fabric’s looped yarns create a pronounced textile surface, which can easily collect dust and dirt. Here are some tips for cleaning Bouclé fabric:

Regular cleaning with a soft brush to remove surface dirt.
For stains, use a soft, damp cloth with mild cleaning solution.
Avoid strong chemicals that may damage the fabric.
Rely on cleaning experts for tough stains or persistent dirt.
With proper care, this chair will maintain its new appearance and quality for years to come, making it a timeless addition to any living space.


White, Beige, Grey


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