– Healthy treated firm sponge.
– convoluted overlay foam.
– Super soft Dunlop foam.
– Superior stretch fabric treated (F.R) quilted with fibre,

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Features :-

* Available in heights: 20-27 cm

* two faces, first one gives medium to hard feeling and second one gives firm feeling.

* Manufactured from the best raw materials and foam with best of modern technology to provide maximum comfort and support to the spine during sleep.

* It consists of a thick layer of rebounded foam of high density topped with a layer of healthy foam and topped with a layer of soft foam.

* High-quality cotton fabric fire retardant wizard against bacteria and mites and quilted with soft fiber


Benefits :-

  • Supports the vertebrae and protects it from bends,
  • It Provides full back support, and it keeps the spine aligned while sleeping giving you the best opportunity to breathe oxygen better.
  • Soft foam reduces the roughness of rebounded foam
  • Best for those suffering low back pain.
  • The mattress has two faces, the first face gives a feeling of medium hardness and the second face is very hard.
  • Best for those who prefer sleeping on their backs, as it provides more supportive a stable surface.
  • FR Anti-bacterial & dust mites resistance.
  • 10 years warranty.


Note: Please note that the main color of the sides of the mattress is white and will be received accordingly.
Note that the color aspects used in the images are among the requirements of decoration
To change the color aspects, as shown in the picture, please mention that change in the order notes

Additional information


220×220×27, 220×210×27, 220×200×27, 210×200×27, 200×190×27, 200×170×27, 200×160×27, 200×180×27, 200×150×27, 200×140×27, 200×120×27, 200×100×27, 200× 100 × 27, 190×180×27, 27*90*190, 27*180*220, 27*180*210, 20* 200*200, 20*190*200, 20*180*200, 20*170*200, 20*160*200, 20*150*200, 20*140*200, 20*120*200, 20*100*200, 20*180*190, 20*90*190, 20*220*220, 20*210*220, 20*200*220, 20*200*210, 20*180*220, 20*180*210, 20*240*240, 20*230*230, 15*240*240, 15*200*200, 15*190*200, 15*180*200, 15*170*200, 15*160*200, 15*150*200, 15*140*200, 15*120*200, 15*100*200, 15*180*190, 15*90*190


Location Delivery Timescales Cost
All areas of Kuwait except for the remote areas 4-7 Working Days Free Orders over 10KWD
3 KWD Orders below 10KWD
Bneidar, Fehad Al-Ahmed, Khiran, Wafra, Sabah Al-Ahmad,Sabahiya, Zoor 7 Working days 10KWD Orders over 10KWD
Abdali, Kabad 7 Working days 20KWD Orders over 10KWD


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