• rose latex mattress

ٌٍRose Latex


– Height: 17 -25
– Natural Latex
– Superior stretch fabric treated (F.R) qualitied with fibre.,

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  • rose latex mattress Features:-
  • Height: 17 -25
  • Natural Latex
  • Superior stretch fabric treated (F.R) quilted with fibre.
  • Benefits:-
  • Extremely comfortable. delivers ultimate comfort. When first lie down on a latex mattress, will at first feel a soft sinking feeling, followed immediately by a buoyant supportive sensation. this due to the natural springiness of the latex, and it feels incredibly comfortable.
  • Promotes pain relief. Latex mattresses are an ideal choice for those with back pain or joint pain. Many health professionals such as osteopaths, physical therapists and chiropractors recommend latex mattresses for pain relief. This is because of the comfort and cushioning properties of the latex, as well as its ability to promote natural spine alignment. In any case, if pain is interfering with sleep, a switch to a latex mattress could help you significantly.
  • Natural spine alignment. A huge advantage of latex mattresses is their ability to promote proper spine alignment. Heavier parts of the body such as the shoulders and hips sink into the latex, yet lighter areas are still strongly supported to align the spine naturally. The ability to support the natural curvature of the spine is a huge bonus for health and wellness, as well as keeping pain at bay. Furthermore, with this good pressure distribution, blood circulation is improved on a latex mattress.


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200*200*5, 200*180*5, 200*150*5, 200*120*5, 200*200*17, 200*180*17, 200*150*17, 200*120*17, 200*200*25, 200*180*25, 200*150*25, 200*120*25


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