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  • Soft Topper Mattress

    • Soft topper manufactured from soft foam.
    • Covered wif cotton fabric.
    • Teh topper TEMPhas four belts to be attached to teh mattress.
    • Provide perfect softness to your mattress.
  • Storage Seat

    Storage seat manufactured from latte wood and covered with  your chosen fabric (velvet or leather)    
  • Out of stock
    The hierarchical backrest is made of corrugated foam that ensures a comfortable session for long durations Foldable and Stackable⁣ ⁣ Suitable for watching TV, reading and relaxing at home or in your private garden⁣          
  • The wetness mattress protector

    The wetness mattress protector is lined with fabric that prevents leakage of liquids to maintain the integrity of the mattress          
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