Our Strategy


We aspire to be a distinctive local company of an international level and providing integrated products & services to conform to the specifications and quality standards in the sponge industry. We are also committed to remain in the lead in the market, and our company is to become practically the first in near future.


Binding all the energies of artistic, technical & administrative outstanding company to work and build a strong relationship based on mutual trust, Integrity and credibility between us and with our customers.


  • Provide the best products and services for sponge
  • Upgrading work within the domestic & international standards.
  • Enable the company staff towards
    excellence and enhance loyalty.
  • Interaction with the local community.


  • Cultivate and promote a culture of security and occupational health and safety & protecting the environment at the individual and organizational
  • Integrity to the highest legal and ethical standards at work and deal on a personal level among the employees.
  • Professional to encourage and instill a culture of mutual respect, responsiveness and teamwork with our partners and the community and the public.
  • Efficiency in full commitment to continue to improve the performance of operations.